Foam control products—also referred to as antifoams, defoamers, and air release agents depending on their intended effect—are designed to mitigate or eliminate the production of unwanted foam during industrial operations and final product use. These compounds can be formulated in many ways to suit different application requirements, including with regard to defoamer chemistry & compatibility, product properties (water dispersibility/insolubility, viscosity, temperature stability, solids content, etc.) and performance (flash knockdown, staying power, spreadability, etc.).

In certain applications, non-silicone foam control products are preferred due to concerns about silicones contributing to undesirable surface defects in dried films, deposition, etc. In recent history, silicones and their derivatives have also been subjected to shortages and price fluctuations, leading to increased focus on development and use of non-silicone alternatives in areas where silicone products are commonly accepted and utilized.

Need non-silicone antifoams and defoamers for your facility and operations? Crucible Chemical Company has got you covered. We have produced specialty chemicals for over 50 years, with a primary focus on defoamers and antifoams. We offer a range of standard products as well as capabilities for custom formulations to satisfy standard and unique customer needs. Below, we highlight a selection of our non-silicone anti-foaming agent products.

Standard Non-Silicone Antifoam Products

These non-silicone foam control products are supplied ready to use in standard applications:

Foamkill NS-30 – This non-silicone product was developed to replace standard silicone emulsions in many water-based applications. Foamkill NS-30 has excellent staying power in most systems.

Foamkill 608 — Foamkill 608 is suitable for dispersion paints, latex adhesives and water based inks, including materials that are sensitive to fish eyeing.

Foamkill 639 — This non-silicone defoaming agent was designed for latex paints and adhesives; however, it is extremely universal in defoaming applications , including white water slurries, pulp manufacturing and monomer stripping.

Foamkill 649 — This 100% active non-silicone defoaming agent is completely emulsifiable and suitable for difficult foaming issues requiring “fisheye-free” properties. It is recommended in applications where long lasting effectiveness is needed with small additional quantities. It is commonly used during the production of adhesives, paints and coatings, inks and graphic art materials, metalwork components, and paper.

Foamkill A-60 – This water-based defoamer is a non-toxic, APE-free emulsion that is highly effective as a deaerating agent and foam prevention agent in various paper and wastewater treatment applications.

Foamkill 4048 – This ready to use oil-based defoamer is formulated specifically for use in Kraft pulping, water-based paint, waste treatment and other industrial applications. It provides fast bubble break, persistent antifoaming and phase stability in the drum.

Foamkill SK-1 — This synthetic, non-silicone defoamer can be used as-is or mixed with petroleum oil or pre-thickened water. It is commonly used in water-based inks, paints & coatings, as well as textile wet processing.

Foamkill SFF-D — This non-silicone defoamer is specially formulated for extended performance in difficult foaming applications that require small addition quantities. It is ideal for use during the production of inks and graphic arts.

Foamkill 4078 – Foamkill 4078 is a 100% active, concentrated product for textile wet processing. It is a high strength product that can be used as-is or diluted with oil or further emulsified in water.

Foamkill SC-54 — This non-silicone foam control product is emulsifiable and compatible with synthetic or oil-based materials. It is suitable for use during the production of drawing or cutting fluids, which are commonly utilized in metalworking operations.

Foamkill VFN — This silicone-free foam control product was developed as a VOC-free alternative to traditional petroleum-based products used for water-based coatings, inks, and paints that need high compatibility.

Foamkill 660P — This organic defoamer demonstrates excellent efficiency, instant flash knockdown, and broad compatibility for different pH levels. It is often used during the protection of textiles and the processing of wastewater.

Foamkill 20 — This low-cost, general-purpose organic defoamer is used in both intermittent and continuous feed applications. It is an effective foam control solution for many wastewater processing operations.

Concentrated Non-Silicone Antifoam Products

These non-silicone foam control products are highly concentrated for use in severe-foaming systems. They can be further diluted for resale or direct use in more standard applications.

Foamkill FS-4 Concentrate— This all-organic, non-silicone foam control concentrate can be diluted with mineral oil. It is suitable for foaming applications in textile processing and pulp/paper applications.

Foamkill 2890 Concentrate — This non-silicone foam control concentrate can be used as-is or mixed with water and colloid thickeners for use in textile operations.

Foamkill DF-4 Concentrate — This synthetic foam control concentrate can be cut with oil or blended with water and thickener. It is used during the production of many products, including adhesives, coatings, inks, and textiles, and during the processing of water and wastewater.

Foamkill 652D Concentrate – This nonionic, inert defoamer concentrate is designed to be further compounded with petroleum distillates. The finished compound is a low cost, effective defoamer for general purpose paint and coatings applications.

Choose Crucible Chemical Company for Your Foam Control Needs

For foam control solutions you can depend on, turn to the experts at Crucible Chemical Company. We carry a broad selection of defoamer and antifoam products as well as offer custom formulation capabilities. Whether you need non-silicone or another formulation, we have what it takes to deliver the right product for your needs.

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