Foam can be generated at any step during the manufacture and application of inks. During production, foam and entrained air result in processing and packaging inefficiencies and ultimately poor product quality. During application, foam can diminish final print quality, hindering ink transfer to the substrate and contributing to surface defects. 

To effectively control foam and its detrimental effects, defoamers are an important part of any ink formulation. Crucible Chemical is a leading industry provider of defoamers. For more than 50 years, our team has formulated a diverse product line for inks and graphic arts. Our ink and printing products include oil-based & synthetic non-silicones, silicone and organo-silicone defoamers.

Defoamers for Ink and Printing From Crucible Chemical

The defoamers in our Foamkill line are designed to provide effective & efficient foam control from production to the final print.

Non-Silicone Defoamers for Ink and Printing

Foamkill 639

This product is a universal defoaming agent. Its non-silicone formula works well with water-based coats and paints, especially acrylic and polyester. 

Foamkill 649

Foamkill 649 is highly effective in most water-based inks including flexographic acrylics and gravure applications.

Foamkill DF-4

Foamkill DF-4 is a concentrated, extendable silicone and mineral oil-free defoamer. It is an excellent choice for sensitive water-based inks. 

Foamkill SFF-D

This long-lasting specialty product is meant for difficult foaming problems. This defoamer is ideal for applications requiring extended performance with small additional quantities.

Foamkill 4068

This product is a cost-effective, 100% active oil-based defoamer that is effective in water-based inks, dispersion paints, and latex adhesive systems.  
 Foamkill DF-30A

This broad-spectrum synthetic defoamer is most suitable for water-based gloss and semi-gloss coatings and paints, latex systems, and inks. Its exceptional compatibility allows it to be post-added with minimal risk of film defects.

Foamkill VFN

Foamkill VFN is a greener alternative to traditional mineral oil defoamers. It is VOC, APE, and silicone-free and is suitable for aqueous inks, coatings, and paints that need high compatibility. It can be used in grind, let-down, and post-add processes.

Silicone & Organo-Silicone Defoamers for Ink and Printing

Foamkill 614

This general-purpose defoamer works well in water-based ink formulations requiring a cost-effective yet effective product.

Foamkill 639J-OH

This formula is a high potency organo-silicone defoamer, typically effective in low concentrations and in difficult foaming systems. 

Foamkill 875

This product is suitable for use in water-based inks, starches, adhesives, and detergents. It is easily dilutable and well suited for press-side defoaming applications.

Foamkill 4039

This high-strength formula is built for aqueous paints, inks, and coatings that generate high levels of foam, such as vinyl and acrylic.

Foamkill 836A

This concentrated defoaming emulsion is particularly effective in high viscosity and water-reducible systems. 

Foamkill 8D

This 100% active silicone defoamer is intended for use in the pigment grind and air release in non-aqueous inks and coatings.

Foamkill 852

Foamkill 852 is a specialty silicone emulsion formulated to minimize the risk of film defects in water-based inks and coatings.

Defoamer Selection From Crucible Chemical

At Crucible, we design and manufacture specialty defoamers and antifoams for a wide range of chemistries and applications. Contact us today to learn more about our capabilities or to discuss selection of the right Foamkill for your application.

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