Foam is an often-undesirable byproduct in metalworking fluids.  Foaming occurs as the natural result of agitation and recirculation of most metalworking fluids and can be further amplified by secondary sources such as soft water, chemical and physical contamination, or properties of the system itself (low reservoir levels, rapid flow rates, short recirculation cycles, leaking intake lines, etc.)

Unchecked foam can be detrimental to lubricating, cooling, and cleaning properties and carry impurities throughout a system, contributing to poor finishes or a shorter fluid lifecycle. Foam can also cause reservoir overflows or trip level sensors, leading to unplanned downtime and potential tool damage.

At Crucible Chemical, we offer a range of products to control foam in metalworking applications. While our standard defoamers and antifoams are effective in most applications, we understand that some applications have unique specifications. We regularly meet those needs by creating customized defoaming solutions for a variety of industries and operations.