In the paper industry, the presence of lignin, rosin and fatty acid soaps, and hemicellulose during the pulping process can lead to the production and accumulation of foam. If left unchecked, the foam can negatively impact the effectiveness of the process and the efficiency of the equipment, which can lead to lower product quality and higher operating costs. That’s why defoamers and antifoams are a necessary investment for many paper manufacturers.

Need antifoams and defoamers for your papermaking facility and operations? Crucible Chemical Company has got you covered. We offer a broad selection of Foamkill™ products suitable for controlling foam in paper industry applications. They are available in silicone, non-silicone, and organo-silicone variations. We can also provide custom formulation capabilities for highly unique or complex papermaking processes and systems.

Dangers of Foam in Paper and Paperboard Production Operations

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Choosing a Defoamer for Paint & Coatings

The formation and collection of foam in paper and paperboard production systems can cause a variety of problems that cost manufacturers a significant amount of time and money, such as:

  • Inconsistent pulp quality
  • Increased Deposition
  • Poor Drainage
  • Higher water, chemical & energy consumption
  • Pump Cavitation
  • Improper sheet formation
  • Effluent Treatment Issues
  • Defoamers help minimize or eliminate these issues, resulting in papermaking operations that are less hazardous and more efficient.

Defoamers From Crucible Chemical

Our Foamkill products that are suitable for use in papermaking applications include:

  • Foamkill 649: This non-silicone defoamer is ideal for paper coating or other paper-related uses that require non-silicone formulations. It is highly compatible and stable with balanced staying power and flash knockdown.
  • Foamkill CMP: This is the most efficient bis-stearamide defoamer available at Crucible, offering up to 20% greater efficiency than competing bis-stearamide products. It is suitable for caustic treatment, paper reclaiming, and other paper-related processes that require high efficiency.
  • Foamkill 663J: This organo-silicone defoamer is engineered for use in white water applications. It is highly effective for systems that need products higher in strength than Foamkill CMP. It offers good initial foam knockdown and lubricity and promotes paper drainage and formation.
  • Foamkill 852: This specialty silicone defoamer is suitable for use in coating and white water applications.
  • Foamkill 836A: This silicone defoamer is stronger than Foamkill 852, which makes it suitable for use in severe foaming applications that require a strong, emulsifiable product.
  • Foamkill 618: This foam control agent is highly versatile. It can be used in coating, screen, and washing applications.

Contact the Foam Control Experts at Crucible Chemical Today

Foam can cause a number of issues in papermaking facilities, which is why many industry professionals turn to our Foamkill products for their foam control needs. Our defoamers and antifoams are highly effective and efficient at keeping foam production and accumulation in check. In addition to our standard offerings, we also maintain custom formulation capabilities. Our team can develop a specialized product tailored to your unique requirements and restrictions.

We’re here to make sure foam never becomes an issue for you and your business. To learn more about Foamkill and how it can benefit your facility, contact us today.