In water and wastewater treatment applications, pre-processed fluids contain bacteria, chemicals, and other compounds hazardous to human health. The formation and collection of foam in processing equipment allow these compounds to build up, which can lead to health and safety issues for employees, decreased operational efficiency and even overflow into surrounding areas. For these reasons, industry professionals often employ defoamers and anti-foaming agents during processing operations to minimize foam production and accumulation.

At Crucible Chemical Company, we offer a wide range of defoamers for wastewater treatment and water treatment systems. Our products include non-silicone defoamers, silicone emulsion defoamers, organic defoamers, and organo-silicone concentrates. We also provide custom formulation capabilities for highly complex or unique water treatment systems. We’re available for on-site trials and demonstrations of our foam control and prevention solutions to help customers identify the right foam control solution for their application.

Applications for Defoaming/Antifoam Water Treatment Products

The formation and collection of foam can be attributed to several causes, including the presence of microbial growth, excessive solids, fats and oils, surfactants or other process contamination. Regardless of the cause, our defoaming and anti-foaming water treatment products are suitable for foam control application in a wide range of systems, including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Aeration basins
  • Sludge digesters
  • Boiler water
  • Clarifiers
  • Secondary treatment
  • Final effluent processing
  • Landfill leachate
  • Membrane systems
  • Manure pits
  • Water equalization tanks
  • Cooling towers

Foamkill Intro Bubbles

Defoamers and Antifoams From Crucible Chemical

FoamKill™—our line of defoamers and antifoams—consists of many products suitable for use in water and wastewater treatment applications, including:

  • Foamkill SCG-52: This stable, non-silicone defoamer facilitates initial flash knockdowns of foam when applied intermittently. It is not appropriate for continuous metering into a system.
  • Foamkill MC: This economical silicone emulsion defoamer is perfect for use with high-foaming mediums. It can be fed into a system intermittently or continuously.
  • Foamkill EFT: This silicone emulsion defoamer is easy to incorporate as-is and offers good flash knockdown and staying power.
  • Foamkill R-22: This concentrated defoamer can be used as is in severe-foaming systems or diluted for more standard applications.
  • Foamkill 660P: This organic defoamer accommodates a wide range of common wastes with pH levels between 4–11. It is highly effective when used in paper waste ponds and suitable for use as a drainage aid.
  • Foamkill 618: This general-purpose defoamer is suitable for use in water treatment ponds. It offers exceptional dilution stability.
  • Foamkill 675: This organo-silicone defoamer is ideal for general-type detergent aeration treatment systems. It accommodates a wide range of temperatures and pH levels.
  • Foamkill 20: This low-cost, general-purpose organic defoamer is particularly effective in paper and fiberboard wastewater applications.
  • Foamkill 30: This organo-silicone concentrate is easily diluted by water. It is highly versatile, serving as an effective foam control agent across a wide range of temperatures and pH levels (up to 10). Additionally, it exhibits a long shelf life and extended dilution stability.

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Foam can cause numerous issues in water and wastewater treatment facilities, including with regard to employee health, product quality, and process efficiency. For these reasons, many industry professionals turn to our Foamkill products for an effective and efficient defoamer for wastewater treatment. If you want to experience how Foamkill can benefit your facility, contact us today!

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