defoamer is a chemical processing aid that eliminates or mitigates the amount of foam produced during industrial operations, such as chemical processing or effluent treatment. Defoamer is a term commonly used to encompass all types of foam control additives, including antifoams and air release agents. Whereas defoamers remove any foam that has manifested, antifoaming agents preclude foam from emerging in the first place. Air release agents are added to a solution to bring any entrained gases to the surface so that they may be dispelled.

At Crucible Chemical, we offer a range of foam control solutions that can be customized, adapted or built from the ground up to meet the requirements of your unique application. We understand that every application is different and that our standard defoamers and antifoaming agents, while often effective in a broad range of systems, may not always meet every need for complex or unique operations. We’ve created custom defoamers and antifoaming agents to address an expansive range of industrial challenges. Our experienced staff has the tools and expertise necessary to develop and manufacture defoamers and antifoam solutions for even the most complex situations.

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Custom Defoamer Manufacturing Process

Custom Defoamer/Anti-Foam Manufacturing Process

As an experienced defoamer manufacturer, we have implemented versatile development and manufacturing processes that we can use to customize foam control solutions that target specific operational factors.

When beginning a new project, it is of primary importance to determine the specifications and requirements which must be met for successful completion Most applications have at least some unique requirements relating to regulatory, compatibility or specific application and performance issues.

Upon determining these specifications and requirements, our experienced staff begins to evaluate possible solutions. As the evaluation progresses and depending on the complexity of the project, our development process typically includes various product quality and application performance tests to ensure we can provide a reproducible, quality solution that is both effective and consistent. This process ultimately leads to either a recommendation of a current product proven effective in similar applications, or the conception and development of a custom product tailored specifically to the application.

No matter if the project’s requirements are met by one of Crucible’s existing products or if they require custom development work, we make sure to involve the customer at every major step, affording them the opportunity to provide feedback and influence the development of the solution. Throughout this process, our staff is available to provide technical guidance, run lab demonstrations or assist with production trials. Upon successful validation, our goal is to properly transition the custom solution to full scale production, maintaining the same consistency and quality of the initial lab or pilot samples.

Industries Served

Our South Carolina facility has expertly serviced customers from a wide variety of industries across the world. In the past year alone, we’ve created 56 custom formulations, all of which were employed in a diverse range of applications. Our custom solutions have been deployed in applications such as:

  • Agricultural dispersions
  • Compost wastewater
  • Corrugated coatings
  • Concentrated defoamers for export
  • Fiberboard processing
  • Wood coatings
  • High-solids industrial coatings
  • Industrial fermentation processes
  • Metal/plastic machining fluids
  • Mining processes
  • Municipal wastewater
  • Non-woven, wet-laid processes
  • Over-print varnish
  • Polyurethane dispersions
  • Sanitizing solutions
  • Surfactant-loaded process wastewater
  • Vinyl ester epoxy resins

Custom Foam Control from Crucible Chemical Company

With over 50 years of experience developing and manufacturing defoamers and anti-foams, Crucible Chemical will go above and beyond to ensure that you receive a foam control solution that expertly addresses your unique needs. For more information on controlling foam in your products and processes, feel free to contact us today.

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