Foam is an unwanted by-product of the processing or mixing of liquids. In adhesives, unchecked foam increases the volume of the liquid, which can reduce batch and packaging yields, cause tank overflows, pump cavitation, and reduce the efficiency of coating operations. Foam can also contribute to poor product quality by destabilizing emulsions, reducing adhesion capabilities or creating surface defects and decreasing aesthetic properties.

Foam control agents can be added to destabilize existing foam or prevent stable foam from forming. These can be classified as:

  • Defoamers: Added to reduce or eliminate pre-existing foam
  • Anti-foaming agents: Added to prevent the formation and stabilization of foam
  • Air release agents: Added to removed entrained air from the bulk fluid and raise micro-foam to the surface.

Many foam control agents can assist in both preventing and eliminating foam, so these terms are often used interchangeably. To simplify the terminology, “defoamer” is generally used as a standard term.

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Defoamer Selection

When formulating adhesives, selecting the right defoamer can be a challenge. The general composition and processing parameters, physical properties, method of application, aesthetic and performance requirements all influence the proper selection of the ideal product for your formulation.

The experts at Crucible can assist in the selection process. We have extensive experience in screening various chemistries to best determine the defoaming and anti-foaming efficiency, shelf stability and final application properties. Depending on your specifications and requirements, we can work directly with your development team to design a customized defoamer for use in your formulation.

Getting the perfect formulation for each application requires experience and expertise. The experts at Crucible Chemical can help you determine the most appropriate defoamer or antifoam formulation for your needs.

Defoamers/Antifoaming Agents from Crucible

Crucible has an extensive catalog of defoamers and antifoaming agents for a variety of industrial applications. We have a full line oil-based and synthetic non-silicones, silicones, organo-silicone and powder defoamers for use in various types of adhesives and emulsion polymers.


  • Foamkill 608 is recommended for SBR, acrylic, PVC, EVA and vinylidene choloride applications. It is recommended in applications are sensitive to surface defects.
  • Foamkill 639 offers good, universal defoaming performance in many applications. It is particularly useful in joint compound or acrylic systems.
  • Foamkill 649 is a broad spectrum, fully emulsifiable defoamer for difficult problems requiring fish-eye free properties.
  • Foamkill OT is an efficient oil-based defoamers effective in many emulsion polymer and adhesive systems, including acrylics, EVA and VA.
  • Foamkill MT-Kis a synthetic, non-silicone defoamer effective in starch, neoprene, PVOH, and pressure-sensitive adhesive applications.
  • Foamkill 112P is a general purpose powder defoamer effective for plasters, cement by-products, powder coatings and adhesives.
  • Foamkill DF-30A is a broad spectrum synthetic defoamer for water-based gloss and semi-gloss paints & coatings, inks and latex adhesive systems.

Silicones & Organo-Silicones

  • Foamkill 614 is a general-purpose organo-silicone antifoam/defoamer that is highly effective for PVC, PVA, SBR, polyethylene, and miscellaneous co-polymers.
  • Foamkill 4039 is a high strength organo-silicone defoamer effective at very low concentrations. Useful in latex paints, coatings and adhesive systems including SBR, acrylics, neoprenes, PVA, acetoxylated polyethylene and others.
  • Foamkill 639Q is a highly stable organo-silicone defoamer that is ideal for high-foaming acrylic systems.
  • Foamkill 8D is a 100% silicone antifoam emulsion recommended for urethane and epoxy solventless systems.
  • Foamkill S-20 is particularly effective in various high-foaming applications.

Good Chemistry is Good Business

The best adhesives are those that achieve the perfect synergy of polymers and additives. At Crucible Chemical, we create the additives that take your adhesives to the next level. For over 50 years, our customers have realized the benefits offered by our diverse product portfolio. Our ISO 9001:2015-certified quality management system ensures that you get the highest quality chemical additives available on the market today.

Crucible Chemical also produces anti-foaming agents and defoamers for a wide range of applications, including paints, coatings, textiles and water treatment. Taking into account your specifications and requirements, we can provide a solution that meets your needs. If none of our standard formulations fit your specifications, we can customize a solution for you.

To see how our defoamers and antifoaming agents can serve your operation, please contact us today.

Don’t let foam be your problem — let it be ours.


Foamkill is a trademark of Crucible Chemical Company, Inc.