For over 50 years, Crucible has manufactured both conventional and innovative Foamkill defoamers and antifoams for virtually every industry that processes fluids. Our Foamkill products provide superior foam control and prevention to processors and end-users of many types of products under a variety of operating conditions. We specialize in defoamers and antifoams for water treatment, adhesives and emulsions, defoamers for paint and coatings, and a variety of other applications.

Our experienced staff is skilled in a broad range of application chemistries and are available to work with customers of any size to recommend the best Foamkill for specific applications. The complete Foamkill line includes oil-based, synthetic, silicone, organo-silicone, and emulsion defoamers and antifoams. Contact us or browse our collection below to find the Foamkill product that is right for you.

Foamkill Intro Bubbles


Foamkill products are used in virtually every industry that processes fluids. The industries listed below display only a section of the defoamers Crucible offers. Contact us to find the product best suited for your application.

Don’t let foam be your problem — let it be ours.


Foamkill is a trademark of Crucible Chemical Company, Inc.